Different Services We Offer Schools

The Yearbook has been around for many years…a way to document memories for a school. There is so much that goes into a yearbook, especially on a large high school level. We work with schools of all sizes and the need for these schools varies. Here is a list of some of the services we provide…school portraits at the schools including senior portraits, clubs and groups, athletic teams,

Senior Panoramic, Cap and Gown portraits, student ID’s, faculty photos, sport action photography, fashion spread photography and class photos to name a few things. We also offer photography lessons, administrative photo files and photographing community services such as the Tempe All City Awards Banquet.

We work closely with yearbook publishing companies to help achieve the school’s publication goals. Southwest Portraits is known for their service and attention to detail. We would be happy to meet with you and show examples of our work. Please contact us at 480-222-1199 to schedule a meeting.


school portraits

group photos

Information Regarding Online Ordering

If you are interested in ordering your school portraits online, please click on the “Online Ordering” link above. The passcode will be you student’s ID number. Anything associated with this ID number will show the job that we photographed. Select which job you wish to see and your portraits will show.

Please keep in mind that you may be charged multiple shipping fees since these portraits are coming from different jobs. Also keep in mind that we take down the previous jobs on July 15th after each school year and can only be ordered by calling us and purchasing a copyright free file (at current prices) that we will email to you.